About Us

Our Brand

Roots is a brand aiming to embody Madhya Pradesh’s style and origin of art, providing handloom products created by weavers in Chanderi & Maheshwar, two small towns in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.
The fineness and sophistication of these handcrafted products are highly appreciated but still not easily accessible to many. Roots thereby aims to increase the reach of these unique textiles from Chanderi, Maheshwar and Bagh.
Our product range currently includes Chanderi, Maheshwari and Bagh hand block print sarees. Our mission is to bridge the gap between handloom weavers and consumers and our vision is to share our heritage with the world.

Our Logo

The Bilva tree (wood apple tree) is a sacred tree and its leaves are used to worship Lord Shiva. A confluence of 3 leaves is called bilva dala, which represents Lord Shiva’s Trident (trishool) and his 3 eyes. There are other bilva dalas having 5, 7, 9 or 11 leaves.

Our logo is a Bilva dala with 9 leaves, which is a rare find in India and is found in Ahilya fort in Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh. “Maheshwar” means Great God – an epithet of Lord Shiva and people in Maheshwar are strong worshippers of Lord Shiva.
Our mission is to share the unique culture and heritage of our roots, places we belong to. Our logo resonates with our mission, recognizing and depicting the uniqueness of Maheshwar

Types of Products


Chanderi is a small town situated between the hills of Vindhyachal in Ashoknagar district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Centuries old weaving style in Chanderi produces finely textured fabrics of silk and cotton embellished with zari woven work. Motifs on the fabric come in varied designs from traditional coin and flowers to geometrical shapes. Chanderi fabric is known for its sheer texture, light weight and glossy transparency, setting it apart from textiles produced en masse in factories. The thread used is of extremely fine quality and never comes out even after long use, retaining the fabric’s appearance for long. The glossy transparency of Chanderi fabric is a unique feature, which is not commonly found in any of the textile products across the country.


Maheshwari fabric was originated in Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh, India in the 18 th century. Fabric has geometrical motifs and borders in zari and resham, designs inspired by stone carvings and detailing at the Maheshwar Fort. The fabric has an extremely fine texture obtained from a unique weaving style. It is light and airy to wear, has elasticity and fine thread count leading to a glossy finish, making it a perfect wear for all seasons. The colors are made using natural vegetable dyes. Back in the history, maheshwari sarees were used as special gifts for royal relatives by Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar, the Holkar queen of the Maratha Malwa kingdom, India.


Originated in Sindh (now part of Pakistan), traditional hand block print with natural colours is now practiced in Bagh, Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh. Innovative geometric and floral designs inspired by nature are printed on the fabric using wooden blocks, few of them even 100 or 200 years old. A spectacular feature of bagh prints is the use of natural colours, mainly red, black, khaki and indigo. We offer Bagh prints on maheshwari cotton silk and georgette fabric, making it a perfect wear for all seasons.